Get More Out of your Pool Robot.

Forget everything you thought you knew about value robotic pool cleaners. Meet the all-new 2023 Dolphin Cayman. Packed with Features. Half the Price.

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Explore The Dolphin Cayman

Cayman Wall Climbing

Advanced Wall Climbing

Weighing in at only 14 lbs, it’s as much as 30% lighter than other robotic pool cleaners. Designed to be easy to handle, efficient, and capable of delivering wall cleaning like you’ve never seen.

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Dolphin Weekly Timer

Programmable Weekly Timer

Schedule to run your Dolphin Cayman daily, every two days, or three times a week - giving you complete pool cleaning automation.

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Dolphin NanoFilter


Add advanced filtration with our new, optional NanoFiltration™ Technology. Clean deeper than any other robot, capturing particles other robots miss.

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Pushing Limits. Challenging Expectations.

Meet the all-new Dolphin Cayman.

The new Dolphin Cayman defies everything you might expect from a high value robotic pool cleaner. Equipped with Dolphin’s most notable technology, the Cayman delivers a clean you have to experience for yourself. Guided by the intelligent SmartNav 2.0 pool mapping system and powered with ultra-efficient 24-volt DC motors, the Cayman never misses a section of your pool. High-powered cleaning solutions like the HyperBrush scrubbing brush and HyperGrip rubber tread allows the Cayman to attack even the most difficult debris on any of your pool’s surfaces. Perfect for virtually any pool maintenance needs and budget, the Cayman will exceed all of your expectations for a high value pool cleaner.

Wall Climbing Robotic Pool Cleaner

Wall Climbing

Superior Cleaning Ability

Just cleaning the floors of your pool doesn't cut it. The Dolphin Cayman cleans your pool where it needs it most. Our engineers equipped the Dolphin Cayman with wall climbing capability, allowing it to clean and scrub one of the dirtest parts of your pool.

With more power and more mobility, the Cayman can clean and climb unlike any robot before it. Its exceptional performance helps keep your pool clean and healthy.

Dolphin Pool Cleaner HyperBrush

HyperBrush Scrubbing

Scrub Away Contaminants

For stubborn, stuck-on contaminants, traditional vacuum pool cleaners just don’t cut it. That’s why the engineers at Dolphin added the HyperBrush to the Cayman. Spinning twice as fast as standard pool brushes, the HyperBrush dislodges stubborn contaminants for a deep clean of your pool’s surfaces. Cleaning struggles like cloudy water, algae bloom, and build-up may be due to the fact that your cleaning regimen only treats the symptoms, rather than attacking the source of the problem. If you have contaminants built up on your pool’s surfaces, you might be familiar with a few of those struggles. Eliminate cloudiness and other problems with a good scrub from a robotic pool cleaner equipped with the HyperBrush system like the new Cayman.

HyperGrip Continous Tracks

Eliminate Slipping with a Firm Grip on Clean

Traditional wheeled robotic pool cleaners struggle with slipping as they clean. A layer of water can get in between the wheels and the pool surface, causing the robot to lose traction. This lost traction is a big blow to efficiency, and adds up in the long run for the pool owner. Dolphin’s engineers hold themselves to the highest standards of efficiency, and this slipping problem just wouldn’t do for the all-new Cayman. The new Cayman comes standard with HyperGrip Rubber Tracks, an innovative tread solution. This pliable, water-optimized tread improves the Cayman’s directional control and eliminates slipping as it travels across the slopes of your pool floor and climbs and cleans the walls. This revolutionary step forward in robotic pool cleaner mobility ensures optimal performance for both effective and efficient cleaning cycles.

dolphin quantum robotic pool cleaner

Easy to Clean Filters

A Dolphin First & Only Innovation

Cleaning your robotic pool cleaner after a busy cleaning cycle has never been easier. With its top-access filter compartment, simply lift the Cayman’s top hatch and grab the cartridge handle for easy and mess-free removal. No more fiddling with cumbersome debris bags; just high-capacity, easy-to-remove cartridges containing changeable filters. Cleaning the filters is as easy as popping them off of the side of the cartridge and washing away the debris. The Cayman’s SnapLoc filters snap in and out of place easily to allow for thorough removal of any extra-fine contaminants.

Variable Micron Filtration
smart nav robotic pool cleaner

SmartNav 2.0

Mapping the Path to Clean

Another element of being efficient is not wasting time cleaning the same parts of your pool over and over again. To prevent this, the Cayman’s engineers installed the SmartNav pool mapping system so the Cayman can get to work and thoroughly clean all the areas of your pool. This keeps your automatic pool robot from overlapping its cleaning paths and keeps it on the path to a complete clean.

robotic cleaner ergonomic design

Leaner, Lighter, More Efficient

Lightweight Ergonomic Design

Powering the new Cayman are dual 24-volt DC motors designed to save you money on your electric bill. Traditional pool robots can rack up 1800watts of power just to clean your pool, but the Cayman delivers a thorough clean at only 180watts. This means that in a typical 2-hour cleaning cycle, the Cayman would only cost you 10 cents to operate. The Cayman’s high value comes not only from its low up-front costs, but also its ability to save you money in the long run on energy bills.

Programmable Robotic Pool Cleaner Controller

Just Say When

Programmable Frequency & Duration

With the help of a weekly timer, you control when and for how long the Cayman cleans. Programming your cleaner to run only when needed is essential to energy efficiency. A robotic pool cleaner that runs at-will can rack up energy usage, but one that only runs when you remember to turn it on doesn’t keep your pool looking its best. The solution? The Cayman’s programmable weekly timers that can be set to complete a full 2-hour cleaning cycle regularly throughout the week.

Dolphin Quantum Warranty

Peace of Mind

Best-in-class warranty and value.

With the new Cayman comes a lifetime of peace of mind and a full two years of warranty coverage. With compatibility across the wide variety of different pool types, to state of the art new features, to revolutionary efficiency, it’s hard to not picture the new Cayman in your pool. But don’t just take our word for it; see what’s different about the Cayman for yourself. Try it in your pool for 30 days, and if you’re not 100% satisfied, just return it. Let the Cayman show you the future of high value automatic robotic pool cleaners.