New NanoFiltration™

Generation 2 filter technology cleans deeper than the standard filters before it. Add NanoFilter™ to your Cayman today.

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Dirty NanoFilter

Clean Deeper

The deep ridges of the NanoFilter™ provide a 3X larger surface area, capturing the most smallest particulate, including bacteria, algae, oil, leaves, and more.

Dolphin NanoFilter

Advanced Filtration

The Nanofilter's woven and pleated fibers allows water to flow freely while effectively entrapping even the smallest particles. With its deep pleats and remarkable ability to capture debris, the Nanofilter outpeforms all cartridges before it.

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SnapLoc Filters

With SnapLoc Filters, you can easily swap between the filter types in just seconds. Customize each clean for the task at hand.

Advanced NanoFilters™

Capture More Than Ever Before.

It is easy to see the striking difference between the standard filter and NanoFilter. This engineering masterpiece sets new standards with its higher performance filter, ensuring a crystal clear swimming experience.

The Nanofilter's micro-pore spun-bonded polyester fabric creates a mesh that allows water to flow freely while trapping even the smallest particles. Its deep ridges and large surface area effectively capture debris, maintaining optimal water flow.

Dolphin NanoFilter



When it comes to modern robotic pool cleaners, there are two main types of cartridge filters. Unfortunately, the importance of these filters is often missed by swimming pool owners. However, it's essential to shed some light on this crucial component. Filters function through a mechanical process called sieving, which determines which particles are captured and which ones pass through. The traditional filter found in many pool robots relies on a large-pored plastic mesh, which can be considered outdated. But as technology advances, so does the filtration system.

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Easy To Clean

Superior Cleaning Ability

Experience the power of the Nanofilter's high-efficiency particulate filtration, ensuring the water you swim in remains free from contaminants. Unlike other filters, Nanofilters excel at removing oil. When oil is trapped, it forms a transparent sheath over the debris, which is easily removed during cleaning. This unique feature improves turbidity and enhances water transparency, leaving your pool water crystal clear and polished. No more cloudy appearances caused by small suspended particles – Nanofiltration is the ultimate solution.

Dolphin NanoFilter Basket Dirty

Outperform the rest

Clean Pesky Contaminants

When it comes to filtration, pleated filters are the best. They outperform regular filters in capturing even the smallest suspended particles in water. The Nanofilter shines with its superior design, effortlessly trapping pollen, algae, bacteria, pet dander, and other small debris. With its large pleated surface, the Nanofilter can hold a lot of contaminants, ensuring your pool stays clean, clear and free from cloudy appearances caused by suspended particles.

Dolphin Cayman Filter Basket

The future of filters

The time is now.

Say goodbye to worries about contaminants, as this cutting-edge Nanofiltration solution diligently intercepts a significant portion of impurities even before they can reach your pool's primary filter. Embraced by pool owners who cherish cleanliness and convenience, the Nanofilter has earned trust and admiration across the community. Join the ranks of satisfied pool enthusiasts and witness the remarkable Nanofilter advantage firsthand. Discover the future of pool maintenance with Nanofilter – where innovation is changing robot performance from the inside.


Want to switch filters? No Problem.

For the first time ever, no matter which media type you choose, you won’t be making a compromise. Specific types of media work best for specific jobs. Nanofiltration gives you the power to choose the right micron filter for the job. The quick-change filters allow you to change the media in seconds. Insert the NanoFilter to handle small debris like fine algae down to 2 microns. Choose the standard filter for maximum suction. The oversized filter cartridge is easy to remove and cleanup is faster than ever. Want to capture debris and algae that passes through other filters? Go NanoFilter™. Need to pick up a bushel of leaves? Choose the standard filter option.

Variable Micron Filtration
Dolphin Cayman Warranty

Peace of Mind

Best-in-class warranty and value.

With the new Cayman comes a lifetime of peace of mind and a full two years of warranty coverage. With compatibility across the wide variety of different pool types, to state of the art new features, to revolutionary efficiency, it’s hard to not picture the new Cayman in your pool. But don’t just take our word for it; see what’s different about the Cayman for yourself. Try it in your pool for 30 days, and if you’re not 100% satisfied, just return it. Let the Cayman show you the future of high value automatic robotic pool cleaners.